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number plate

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 3:26 pm
by hawkcobra
just thought I would put a few words down about an idea I had a few years ago. I got to thinking about a none age related plate for the Hawk. My doner was a 1966 car so is not age correct so I got to thinking what would make a good number. I made an enquiry to the DVLA and my chosen plate had never been issued and they said it would have to go into the next auction. I was a bit put out by this but was told that was the way it was done so hay oh just had to wait for the date. I went onto the auction website before hand and noted what the asking price was thinking it was a bit steep but hoping that if no one else would bid it would be dropped to get the auction going. I sat there online on the day and the lot came up and there was no bids but the price didn't get dropped so remained unsold. I contacted DVLA afterwards and had a discussion about auction prices and just got told that was what other plates of the same format had started at in the past and they would not drop the price. The next auction came and went still no other interest so I contacted them again but got the same message. What got me was plates which I thought would be worth more, fewer letters or numbers, where priced cheaper. Anyway another auction date was set and I sat and watched struggling with the justification of spending the money. The day came and the lot came up. Again no immediate interest and I was beginning to think it would not sell for a third time giving me a bit more leverage with DVLA to drop the price when bang it was sold, bugger. Mixed emotions but I really couldn't justify the total cost once they added on transfer fees VAT and other bits so pleased that someone had got something they wanted leaving me to wonder who had it hoping it would be used for the original intention.
Well, now I know where it went, and it looks great on Chris Manwaring's car so I will have to get an age related plate which is in keeping with the correct age of the originals or just keep FCD748D as it does confuse the educated out there.


Re: number plate

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:08 pm
by peterc
Colin, you should be able to get some good ‘63 or ‘64 reg plates without spending a kings ransom.
Peter C