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Post by Colin Newbold » Mon Oct 28, 2019 1:54 pm

Well, not quite...but you have a few days left to register a vote for Phil in 2 Club Award categories at this year's NEC Classic Car Show.

Phil will inevitably see this and blush, but he needs to know that a vote for himself won't count. :wink:

There are 2 categories suitable, as I see it:

Club Magazine Of The Year
Club Personality Of The Year

Your vote can be placed via a simple and brief online form here: and entries have to be in before 11:59 on 1 November 2019. I'm aware that several entries have already gone in but if you feel strongly that Phil has single-handedly done more for the Club than most, then this is your time to step up and be counted.

Either award would be a fitting tribute to Phil as he has now handed the magazine editorship to Val Bevan. In writing your support of Phil for the 'Club Personality' award be sure to mention the superb graphic displays that Phil has designed and produced for all Club stands throughout our long association with this Show.

Your call!

"How you see yourself is all very well, but it's how others see you that will determine the results you get as a leader!"

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