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Re: Apologies may be needed?

Post by John Coward » Fri May 19, 2017 9:52 pm


I hesitate to add to this thread as I think most that needs to be said has been said.

It's important that people realise that the response time problem has not been resolved, it has just gone away for the moment and could recur.
The problem has been investigated by Andy, Paul's company Netmetix, and the third party hosting service provider, but unfortunately there is no proven diagnosis. However, other clients of Netmetix have had similar issues, which have been resolved by changing to a different hosting service.

Andy is at present investigating alternative services and is continuing to be well supported by Paul and his technical staff at Netmetix, as he always has.

The Netmetix recommended alternative is a different technology, and it will require significant effort to migrate the club website, so it won't happen quickly. Given that it is not a trivial exercise, I have asked Andy to establish clearly the club's software and other hosting requirements before the Committee makes a final decision on how to proceed.

We will keep you all posted on progress...

John C.

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