Hot starter motor

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Hot starter motor

Post by frats289 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:32 am

I returned from a little blast around the other day, parked the car in the drive and turned off the engine. Ten minutes or so later I returned to the car to put it away and it wouldn't start - it turned over slowly as if on a heavily discharged battery. As it had done this once or twice before I left it for half an hour and it started fine.
The starter is a high torque type purchased from Real Steel and has performed fine for 20 years. It is very close to the exhaust manifold and indeed so close that I had to grind away a notch in the flange connecting the manifold to the pipe when I first installed it.
Has anyone suffered a similar problem and would a heat shield sort it - or has it come to the end of it's life.

Frank Allen

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Re: Hot starter motor

Post by peterc » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:28 pm

Hi Frank,
Yes, I needed to replace my first starter motor after a few years due to more or less the same as the conditions you describe. I tried overhauling the motor and solenoid mechanism with no particular improvement.
I had also already lagged the bottom bend of the exhaust due to its proximity. Mine is a Rover lump but suspect it applies to a Ford as well.
I re routed the exhaust as recommended by Dave Pilbeam so the bottom bend is now angle out towards the cill so adds a bit more clearance.
I still get occasional reluctance of the solenoid to engage but normally a second attempt resolves.
Yes I guess it's the end of the starter motor life unless you are better at rebuilding it than I was.
I think you have done well if this is the first time you have needed to replace the starter as your car was built a fair time ago.
Peter C

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