Securing Transmission tunnel

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Dave Woodward
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Securing Transmission tunnel

Post by Dave Woodward »

Does anybody have any top tips for securing the transmission tunnel so that it can be removed easily with one pair of hands.

Also. there was a small square panel provided with the tunnel. I am assuming that this is provided so that an inspection / maintenance hatch could be located in the side of the tunnel if desired - is this correct?


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Post by richmixture »

hi dave,
you must be nearly finished? anyway, there are many ways of fixing the tunnel, they range from velcro to bolting - these seem rather heath robinson to me - well the velcro does anyway!!

I would fix in this fashion, drill some holes in the tunnel, equal number round each size, dont over do it or under do it, then get some nice sized countersunk self tappers. self tap into the flooring, its about a good half inch thick so you have plenty of meat. I would run a bead of silicone sealant round the flat face, just enough to make a seal to squeez it down, if you need to remove, you can unscrew and remove, the silicone will come away, and you can just pull the old beading off and reapply to clean face when ready.

I have no idea about any pannel though, I dont have one one mine, I think I got mine after you, so I would either, rivit it in place or fibre glass it in.

Hope this helps,
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Post by Wynterburne »

Hi Dave

I think the panel you have may be to provide space for the reverse detent bolts on the Rover gearbox. These are on the r/h/s of the gearbox just below the lever.

I have just taken my tunnel out to fit a plate that stops the bolt hitting the tunnel over bumps. I basically cut a piece out of the tunnel and fitted a small panel to resolve it, could be just the piece you have.

My tunnel is fitted in the way Kris has explained.


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