Garage clear out (MG and other)

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Dave Woodward
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Garage clear out (MG and other)

Post by Dave Woodward » Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:52 pm

Forgive the lengthy post but I've been clearing out the garage recently and have a number of accumulated components from my original build and subsequent activities that may be of interest to somebody. PM me if you are interested in anything.

Front and rear MGB shocks (level arm), front springs, wishbones, spring pans and front bump stops. Anti rollbar linkages will be sold with the anti roller Image

Front springs (part number BHH1225PR) totally unusedImage

Rear MGB springs and spacers, wrapped in Denso Tape (hence the filthy picture!). Think I have the shackles too. Image

MGB antirollbarImage

Ford rocker cover (not that the breather has been mangled so will require repair)Image

Two sets of Rover rocker covers.ImageImage

Centre force clutch (totally unused)Image[/URL[URL= ... c.jpg.html]Image

One pair amber (totally unused still with protective plastic coating)Image

One deep air cleaner. You could obviously replace the filter with on of your preferred height.(totally unused)Image[/URL[URL= ... 6.jpg.html]Image

I say, ding dong!

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