Hawk 289 IVA testing

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Hawk 289 IVA testing

Post by Jerryedmans » Wed May 09, 2018 11:47 am

Hi - has anyone recently taken their build through IVA that I might be able to chat with? I have a few questions on what the best way to approach is to make sure I get the right outcome and if possible retain the historic vehicle status of the "donor" MG registration docs. I am wondering if any testing stations are better than others (i.e. take a more understanding view) - I am based in the Peak District midway between Sheffield and Manchester so could take car to either. Also any advice on the steering wheel? Will it be adequate to wrap the Motolita steering wheel with padding or should I try and get hold of a Mini metro steering wheel to ensure compliance? Also - I have seen adverts by IVA consultants offering help on paperwork - has anyone gone down this route and does it help having someone who may know or have contacts in the IVA testing world to get a carnodded through? And one final question - does anyone live anywhere near the Peak District who has gone through IVA and might be able to cast their eyes over my build before I put it forward?
It would be a pleasure to meet another owner and buy you a beer/pub meal for your troubles! Thanks for any advice or help you can give.My number is 07494554402 if its easier to call. Jerry

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Re: Hawk 289 IVA testing

Post by amulheirn » Wed May 09, 2018 1:31 pm

Hi Jerry - I just went through IVA, so can tell you about my experience. I'll try to give you a bell at the weekend if thats ok?
Steering wheel was an issue for me - the chap at Southampton wanted evidence that the wheel had a collapsible element in it, which the Metro wheel donated to me by PeterC did not have. So Simonjrwinter is going to give me one - see here: http://www.the289register.com/phpBB3/vi ... 170#p29672

I believe Europa do collapsible elements for steering wheels too - not sure if these are straight bolt-on or may need modifications to fit what you have.

I was in touch with KevinW the other day who had used a consultant for the paperwork. You may want to PM him to see what his experience was. I would be happy to send you a copy of my paperwork if that helps.

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