Something else that's been sneakily put through

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Something else that's been sneakily put through

Post by agnoraan » Thu Mar 01, 2018 4:55 pm

Just been made aware of this, which would follow on from why the Government wanted to apply modern emissions testing to altermative vehicles. It could mean an increase in road tax for newly registered vehicles, including kit cars and alternative vehicles. Allegedly it would only apply if the emissions detals are on the IVA/ type approval certificate. The worry would be if they now start to add this information to the certificate. This is why it's so vitally important to stop the emissions law being passed and to keep it to age related engines. ... -affected/ ... hicles.pdf

As soon as I have any more on this I'll let you guys know

Please don't shoot the messenger

Just noticed that this was dated March 2017 and is a "Blog" called "inside the DVLA" , which is there for the DVLA to "provide updates to our stakeholders, commercial customers and suppliers about upcoming changes to our service". Although this is 12 months old, it would appear to be an internal DVLA and partners only Blog. They must have been waiting for the emissions consultation to tie into this.

Tin foil hat firmly fitted :wink:

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