Paying your subscription

From your Bank account

If you are an existing member, our Membership system will automatically send you an invoice every year. If you pay by standing order, there is nothing for you to do, but if paying by cheque, cash or one-off transfer, please make that transfer using the below information.

If you are paying for your subscription for the first time, the simplest way to make the annual payment of GBP 35.00 (single) or GBP 55.00 (joint), is by annual standing order or direct bank transfer. Either can be made by payment on 1st January each year to:
Bank Name: HSBC
Account Name: The 289 Register
Account Number: 12137291
Sort Code: 40-08-32
IBAN: GB93HSBC40083212137291
IMPORTANT:- Please include your name in the payment reference field so we can identify your payment.

From your PayPal account

Renewal using Paypal should now be done via the new membership system. Log in here and look at your Payment History and home pages.

Renewal via Paypal is normally automatic - it is set up as a recurring transaction on a yearly basis. You can cancel your subscription by clicking cancel in your members area, or by cancelling in your Paypal account. If you do this, you will immediately lose access to the Members Area, the Wiki and the privileged areas of the Forum. You will no longer receive newsletters either.

For any technical or membership issues, please contact either the Membership Secretary or the IT manager using the links on the left.