Joining the 289 Register

Membership Secretary - Stuart Clarke

About The 289 Register

The 289 Register is for people who own, or are interested in, any AC Ace or Cobra 260/289/427 including all the roadster, Le Mans, FIA, and Daytona models. Most of our Members own a Cobra 289 of some kind, the model which sold in the greatest numbers in the period from 1962 to 1968, hence the origin of our club name. 289 Cobras were equipped with 289 cubic inch engines (4.7 litres), with some early cars having 260 cubic inch power plants. The club was formed in 1997 and recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

We welcome owners of both original AC Ace or Cobra cars and replicas of any manufacture. Many of our members' replica cars have been self-built to a very high standard of originality. Most Members have a broad interest in the classic car scene, which is encouraged through informal links with the AC owners club, the GT40 enthusiasts club and the Sunbeam Tiger owners club. Many of these cars share the "small block" Ford 289 V8 engine. The 289 Register exhibits regularly at the Birmingham NEC Classic Motor Show.

Our club's website provides general information for visitors plus a Gallery of Cobra and classic car related pictures, as well as a comprehensive Events list, reflecting the broad interests of our Members. A Forum is available for both Members and guests to ask questions, seek advice or provide updates on what is going on in the Cobra world. But as a Member, you have access to a restricted area of the site which has much more information about club members, their cars and technical articles, as well as many other benefits.

Benefits of Membership

If you are considering building a 289 this is the club to join. This club really is powered by enthusiasts and with an annual subscription fee of just 35 provides incredible value.

How do I join The 289 Register?

You have two options: Subscriptions can be paid by cheque, bank transfer, annual standing order or PayPal. Bank details can be found at the bottom of the membership application form.

Having joined the Register we would welcome your contributions to the Newsletter with technical articles, travel anecdotes or Cobra experiences. Send such contributions to our Editor -

Opinions expressed in this website are not necessarily those of the Editor or other club officials. Neither The Register nor its officers accept responsibility or liability for the result of following contributor's advice.