289 Hardtop

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Re: 289 Hardtop

Post by KevinW »

It was....and still is.
The last pic is a bit out of date - currently discovering the joys of UPol Dolphin Glaze filler before I hand it over to a mate to blow some paint over it.
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Re: 289 Hardtop

Post by peterc »

Going back to the original posting how did you get on with getting the hood to fit?
Did getting it up to Summer temperature help.

I admire your determination. I wouldn’t contemplate such a radical mod. It’s looking pretty good. I note the house brick as a spacer at the rear and the wooden bracing inside to hold the middle up in position. Well done.
I’m sure it will look fantastic once it’s painted to match the car.
We now know where to come for hard top mods especially if it’s a mere bulge on the roof.
Peter C
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